Careers with Kids Connection I

Why Work at Kids Connection?

Change the Life of a Child: 

We believe that childcare teachers are not babysitters or glorified nannies, they are educators with the early childhood development knowledge needed to make lasting impacts on the lives of children. Every day our teachers step into their classrooms they are given the opportunity and the resources needed to change the lives of their students for the better. 

Inclusive Environment and Diverse Staff: 

Promoting an environment that is inclusive and embraces diversity is of the utmost importance to our organization. Education is open to everyone, and so we seek to reflect the diverse groups of children we serve with a diverse staff.

Opportunities for Advancement and Professional Development: 

Kids Connection Childcare works tirelessly to provide all staff members with ample opportunities to advance their career and obtain new skills. The Director of Administration is available during all business hours to help individual teachers craft personalized professional development plans. Periodic trainings are held at the main center, or at one of our sister centers. Lastly, bi-weekly professional development newsletters are sent to all staff members, with the intent of creating a culture of continuous learning.

Pay and Benefits:

Kids Connection Childcare offers competitive pay, paid time off, a 401k match program, on-call payroll assistance, bi-weekly childcare stipends for teachers who enroll their child in the center, and a health insurance stipend. While we acknowledge that pay and benefits are not the only reason someone would seek a job, we focus on making our employees feel valued through the wage they earn and the benefits they enjoy.

Serve Your Community:

Playing a role in a child’s education and care is an excellent way to serve one’s community.  Research shows that quality early childcare programming is a key component to child development. Our childcare teachers are responsible for ensuring all enrolled children develop fully, thereby given the opportunity to shape the next generation of leaders, thinkers, and trailblazers.

How to Apply:

Email resumes to: