Summer Program

We step out of our formal role of “school” once summer begins. We have planned activities to make summer interesting, our activities will stimulate the children’s minds and encourage creativity. Numerous field trips are planned weekly to help make summer vacation fun and educational. Whatever is planned, you can be sure your child will be happy and well cared for by a trained, fun-loving staff. Summer Program runs from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. at one of the Mukwonago Elementary Schools.

Field Trips School age:

School-age children will be required to pay an activity fee prior to the start of the Summer Program to offset added expenses. Field trips will be posted and described in advance.

Things your child will need for Summer Program!

Please make sure you have:
•Peanut free lunch every day
•Sunscreen and bug spray (with signed permission slip)
•Swimsuit and towel labeled with your child's name or initials

Please label everything with your child's name!

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